Etna banner photo

Etna is complete!

The summer holidays are over and our new paint drumming composition is complete.

Named after the volcano ‘Mount Etna’ (in the spirit of Volcano Rising haha), Etna is a paint drumming quartet with a flair for choreography that is the third video in the synesthetic series of videos.

Etna paint drumming project rehearsal

It was great fun working on this piece! And, as always, it was a total pleasure to work with the same crew from ‘Up the Body and Down the Page’ on a completely different piece and a new production challenge.

Lachlan Hawkins - Etna paint drumming projectThank you to the drummers: Lachlan Hawkins, Thomas Sweeper and Andrew Doo. It’s a blast to work with you all and a pleasure to be surrounded by such talented musicians and fun people. I value your talents, your many suggestions and the presence of good ol ‘Captain Hindsight’. It’s worked wonders on this production and will for many more to come!

Thank you to KC Chen for providing the fantastic sound for this project. No matter what happens, you are always ready and able to make setbacks workable! Plus it sounds fantastic haha 🙂

Jonathan Brazil - Etna paint drumming projectThank you to Jacob Enoka for taking backstage photos and videos and to Reuben Garcia for joining in to film the video. Finally, thank you to Jonathan Brazil for filming and editing the piece. Working with you both was a great experience and an eye opener for me for future filming projects. Editing was so much fun but totally melted my mind! I’m so thrilled with how it came out!!!

As always, thank you to my wonderful family for supporting us and helping us get the project happening in our overflowing garage!

The piece has been requested for 2 potential festivals and a multitude of other corporate events so far. Hopefully we get to work with The Toowoomba Food, Flower and Wine Festival and The X-Music Festival in Cardiff very soon. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the coming year!

Here it is:

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