Check it out! My coming body percussion project ‘Up the Body and Down the Page’ is almost finished and here’s a snippet of the final video!

Once again, it’s been fantastic working with great artists and people who are generally great at what they do. A  massive thank you to Jonathan Brazil, who sat with me so far for about 7 hours to edit the video not to mention filming the entire production over the past 3 weeks.  It got to the point that our minds melted so we decided to take a break and come back to it a few days later.

The editing process is a long and tedious one, especially when testing out ideas of multiple shots, split screens and transitions. A big thing I’m experiencing in this production, being more involved in the editing process, is that having ideas and getting them actually happen are 2 completely different things. I really appreciate Jonty for bearing with me and playing around with ideas even if we didn’t use some of them. It’s a big process and you never know until you try!

So hopefully in this little snippet you’ll be able to experience a little bit of the desired visual effects and have fun imagining what the rest will be like…The aim is to play around with the perception of sound and sight and emulate the idea of Synaesthesia, a concept I also worked on with Volcano Rising.

To see videos of the rehearsal you can read my previous post.

Stay tuned for the final video!