With the coming release of ‘Etna’, our new paint drumming video, here’s another sneaky peek into our rehearsals.

Thanks to my mum, Ronit Baras for filming these three snippets! There’s nothing like having a supporting family and I really appreciate her help with this.

This rehearsal was on a VERY HOT day and we were very happy to have been getting sprayed from the drums! It was our first rehearsal with water and pumps so getting around the drums and getting used to the spray was a bit of a challenge. Though it was a challenge we were really thankful there was water for!

You’ll see there are a few stick tricks that involve swapping and throwing sticks as well as a nice run around section. When it came time to film the piece, we found some of these sections a bit challenging. ¬†Stick tricks in darkness and with masks don’t look the same in the conditions we would perform them. So, we’ve decided to save them for events that want a dry performance.