In preparation for the coming release of another paint drumming video I’m giving a look into the backstage stuff! One drumming rehearsal out of the many we’ve done for this piece!

When ‘Volcano Rising’ got requests for paint drumming performances, the corporate venues that had asked for it thought it was too big to organise. I thought about this and came to the conclusion that, really, a quartet was a very comfortable way of giving a massive performance with the same effect and a 3rd of the setup time!

So, I set about writing a quartet piece for paint drumming and came up with ‘Etna’. For those who don’t know, Mount Etna is a volcano in Italy).

Soon after that, the events began asking for a video!

After the success of the video process with ‘Up the Body and Down the Page’ we came together as SoundStruck. So far we’ve managed to rehearse, record and film a really fantastic production!

Below is a  video of a drumming rehearsal we had during the course of this production at the QLD Conservatorium. One of the funniest rehearsals I’ve ever had! It was one of our ‘dry’ rehearsals that was more focused on getting the piece and choreography memorised.

Here’s a section in the piece involving running around and playing each other’s drums that I hope you’ll enjoy! Also, keep an eye out for our friend Jacob Enoka. He does a little double take at the window hehe.  And, delight in Lachlan Hawkins’ fantastic energy and spirit!