A few days ago I got a message from a friend of mine Craig Rippon, who helped me out a whole lot with the Volcano Rising Project, and he mentioned that he’d received a few gig requests for paint drumming through his ‘Drumming Aloud’ page and that they’d been forwarded on to me!!

So, as of Monday, SoundStruck has been invited as part of a proposal to perform at a corporate event in Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve also received a request to perform a new paint drumming routine at the wedding of a happy couple in Sydney!

We have a couple of long weeks ahead of us rehearsing and polishing routines for these events and I’m really excited to bring Paint Drumming to these lucky audiences 🙂

If you have an event that you’d like SoundStruck to come and perform a version of Paint Drumming for, please make contact!

You can visit the contact page for contact details.